Google is the biggest search engine in the field of technology and used by millions of people every day. But only a few of us know about how to get most juice from Google search. I dig out some hidden features of Google search which plays a great role in our everyday life. Here I am going to explain about 10 Hidden Features of Google Search.

Hidden Features of Google Search

Calculator: Google search engine can be used as calculator. It is not only capable in basic math calculation but also able to do scientific calculations.

Google caluculator

Conversions: It can be used as unit converter. The only need to type convert :< unit 1> in <unit 2>.As you can see in image inch is converted in foot.

Google Converter

Definition: You can find the definition of any word or phrase using Google search. Type Google definition function define: <word or phrase> in the search box.

10 Hidden Features of Google Search

Search for specific file format: You can search a specific file format on any topic. Just type filetype: doc.

10 Hidden Features of Google Search

Geography of a place: If you would like to know about the geography of a place, you can do it with Google search. For example if you want to know about mountains or rivers of any place, type search term mountain: place name. You will get results with images of mountains. Similarly you can do it for rivers.

Google Geography Feature

Public data: You can check the rate of public data like population or unemployment for different cities or countries. Just type population density of <city name>.

Google Public Data

Website search: If you want to search anything in a specific website; you can do it with Google search. Type term site: <search term>.

website search

Time: You can use Google search for getting time zone as well as time in a specific area.

Google Time Zone Search

Translator: Google search can be used as translator to translate anything from one language to another.

Google Translator

Weather: Google search can be used to know about the weather condition of a specific area.

Google Weather

I hope these hidden features of Google search will help you a lot.

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