Would you like to index your blog in search engines and in blog directory in the short time?

If your answer is yes, then high domain authority ping sites can do it for you in a perfect manner. The best thing about these sites is, it does not require any special skill. These sites are popular among bloggers to notify search engines about their blog update.

In this blog post, I am going to cover some facts that will help you to increase your blog traffic and increase your site visibility in search engines. The answer of following questions will cover those facts.

  1. Why should neglect Google Page Rank while choosing ping sites?
  2. Why should give preference to high domain authority ping sites?
  3. What are the benefits of Ping Sites?
  4. Top 10 High Domain Authority Ping Sites.

Why should Neglect Google Page Rank while Choosing Ping Sites?

While choosing ping sites, use of Google page rank as metric for popularity is not a good for SEO in present time. As all of us know that Google page rank is dead and last updated in 2013, almost two years back. So measuring the popularity of a website on the basis of two-year-old metrics is the waste of time, as we don’t know whether that website is popular today or not.

Why should give Preference to High Domain Authority Ping Sites?

As I explain above use of Google Page Rank as a metric for popularity is not a good option. The alternative of Google Page Rank is Domain Authority by Moz. Why? Domain authority uses the same standard to rank a website domain which was used by Google Page Rank in past. Domain authority is calculated on the basis of backlink and age of the domain. The best thing about Domain authority is, it updates once in a month.

What are the benefits of Ping Sites?

  1. You can submit your blogs in search engines and blog directory easily.
  2. These sites increase your blog visibility in search engines.
  3. It helps you to get high domain authority backlinks.

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How to Easily Increase Direct and Referal Website Traffic?

Top 10 High Domain Authority Ping Sites

Here is a list of ping sites with their domain authority(DA) and Domain Moz Rank(MR).

  1. icerocket.com                             DA – 70     DMR- 5.85
  2. mypagerank.net                         DA – 69     DMR – 5.99
  3. twingly.com                                DA – 69      DMR – 5.78
  4. bitacoras.com                             DA – 68     DMR –  5.77
  5. pingomatic.com                         DA – 67      DMR – 5.67
  6. blo.gs                                            DA – 58      DMR – 5.51
  7. Auto-ping.com                           DA – 56       DMR – 5.40
  8. feedshark.brainbliss.com         DA – 56      DMR – 5.14
  9. pingler.com                                 DA – 51       DMR – 5.25
  10. totalping.com                             DA – 50       DMR – 5.51

If you know any other high domain authority ping site, then help me to improve this list by giving comment.

13 Thoughts on “10 High Domain Authority Ping Sites to Index your Blog in 2016

  1. I totally agree with that DA matters, but there is a point perhaps you missed to mention it. In Google SERPs those site poorly perform whose having rich domain authority but less MOZ Rank.

    • Thaks Darshnam for giving valuable suggestion. Moz is going to update DA and rank on 15 Nov. I will update the DA as well as Moz rank in that. All the sites that I have mentioned here have Moz rank between 5-6.

  2. Dear author, There is broken link at auto-ping.com. You forgot to add “http://”

  3. Great post !!!
    It will really help me to make my site better one.

  4. Improving Domain Authority is proving very difficult task for me, I was wondering how, Domain authority 40 can be achieved.

    But recently getting help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA,

    Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?


  5. I’ve tried to use some of these things as guidelines when creating content – 1k+ words, internal links, on-page seo, but didn’t think about looking in to my backlink profile to see if there are any problems there. Sharing and promotion are a couple big things I’m focused on right now.

  6. Indeed a great post about domain authority.

    Domain authority is the most popular website metric developed by Moz. It is said that If the Domain authority of any site is high then that site will perform better in search engines and will gain more traffic.

    Domain authority help us to determine to quality of a site.

    To improve domain authority, We must have to gain quality backlinks and should must have to maintain the content quality on our website.

    Having high DA helps a lot while ranking any content in SERPs.

    I am glad that you have covered detailed article on it. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  7. Hello,

    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

    So, where I am going wrong? Does I need to create links in bulk to get high Domain Authority?

    If yes, then How many links to need to get?

    I am not sure what to do.

    looking for quick response.

  8. Lack of information nobody can write on difficult subject, so you have complete information and skill on this topic because it is well written and good for readers.

  9. Thanks For Above Website Details

  10. Thanks for these lists. 2015 is also said to be the year where Google will be much more accurate with local SEO with laser pointer accuracy. For small business owners with websites, make sure that the written addresses are consistent across yellow pages, google local plus and the website.

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