Now a days “Pokémon Go” is the main headline of all newspapers, magazines, eBooks, blogs, etc. Everyone is talking about Pokémon around you and tempted to download the game. But wait! There is no doubt Pokémon Go is the worldwide sensation in the gaming world but there are unintended consequences related with this. This blog post will explain 4 reasons to avoid Pokemon Go game.

What is Pokémon Go?

It is a real world adventure game that uses GPS as well as Augmented Reality which permits one to chase and prepare Pokémon. This Augmented Reality uses your Back Camera and internet connection to show the Pokémon in front of you.

4 Reasons to Avoid Pokemon Go game

1. Drain your Smartphone Battery

Pokémon Go uses the GPS, Back Camera, and internet connection together to find the Pokémon and make it a real world game. All these resources together may cause to deplete your battery quickly.

2. Dangerous for Life

This game requires users to gaze at the screen all the time and move around continuously for Pokémon chase. This chase could lead players anywhere like rail track, crowded streets, and so on that might be hazardous to your life.

3. Malware and Spyware

All of us know that popular things on the internet attract the attention of everyone whether those are general internet users or hackers. Pokémon Go becomes a worldwide sensation in its initial stage and attracts the hackers to use the opportunity. Presently Pokémon Go is not available on Play store. There are many unverified sources that are providing Pokémon Go APK file. These files may contain malware and spyware. So be aware of it.

4. Privacy Issue

As the game requires continue use of Camera, GPS, and the internet, it gets full access to your Google account. It allows the company to read your emails. Though developer quickly issued an update to address the issue and App access to basic information only.

The purpose of writing this post is not to stop you play this game, but to warn you the risk associated with it for life as well as identity theft. So while playing this game or install this game, keep all above things in mind.

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