Search engine optimisation is a volatile field that changes time to time. Being a web owner, you should be ready for these changes. To make your SEO strategies for future, you should look for the latest trends and strategies. According to the latest trend, I am going to explain about 5 Best SEO practices for 2016 which helps you to rank first on SERP.

5 Best SEO Practices for 2016.

Use of Social Media

The popularity of social networking sites increasing day by day. A large number of internet users uses Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to share their thoughts and information. Search engines take these social signal in the account for determining the ranking of a website. Some of these social signals for an url are.

  • The number of tweets and retweets.
  • The number of Facebook share and like.
  • The number of +1.

Mobile Usability

In the present decade, handheld devices gaining popularity day by day. In 2015, mobile traffic surpassed the desktop traffic. Recently Google announces algorithm updates that impact on mobile search. These updates improve the ranking of mobile optimised sites. Google webmaster mobile friendly testing tool will help you to know whether your website is mobile optimised or not.


Google and other search engines give priority and ranking boost to sites with authoritative content. In 2016, there is no need to fill your content with heavy SEO techniques. Instead, content with the strong focus on quality will lead in SEO. The authoritative and quality content should have following feature.

  • Original content.
  • Well researched content.
  • Well written.

User Experience

User experience is all about user-friendly interface which means a website with design and navigation that user love. A good user experience helps to decrease bounce rate and increase time on site which in turns helps to improve your search ranking. For better user experience, a website should be

  • Designed beautifully.
  • Easy to Navigate.

Focus on Other Search Engines

We know that Google is the giant in the search engine. But if we look back in this year, there is decrease observed in Google users. So, while we optimised our content, we should look for and focus on other search engines also.

I hope these Best SEO Practices will help you to rank first in 2016.

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