Social media is the most popular medium to share your thoughts with your friends, family and public. This is an extremely powerful tool to build and grow your social life. But at the same time, improper use of this tool may compromise your privacy as well as security. This blog post will explain 5 costly social media mistakes that are killing your security and privacy.

5 Costly Social Media Mistakes


The first and foremost mistake which is killing your security over social media is using simple password or using the same password for different sites. Your password should be unique for each site. A strong password consists of at least one lower case, one upper case , a number and one special character (ex. Pass@12worD#) which is extremely difficult to guess.

Default Settings

Most of the user uses social networking sites without changing default settings which is a bad habit. Default settings of a site may share your personal information with public without your knowledge. That is why it is necessary to change the default settings of social media sites before use.

Location Sharing

There are number of people who  love to share their location as well as picture on social media while there are people who do it without knowing that they shared their location. Location sharing helps people to know your present location. Exposing your existing location may be risky as criminals and your opponents may use this information to harm you. Exposing your current location gives green signal to criminals that you are not at house. They can do robbery at your house. Read Why you Should Disable Location Tracking.

Sharing too Much in Public Without Clear Objective

Never share anything on social media without clear objective. Never share post with hatred messages. Think before posting on social media. Remember not to post anything that may harm you as well as others outside social media.

Connecting with Friends

Always connect or friends with people whom you know personally. Accepting friend request or connecting with stranger may harm your security and privacy. The reason being those strangers may be your potential enemy and want to gain access to your personal information. By connecting with them you are helping your enemies.


All of us know that online activities are not 100% secure but we can reduce that risk. By stopping above mentioned 5 costly social media mistakes we can reduce harm.

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