Many times, we have come across situations in our blogging career, where we have published an amazing post hoping to get a large number of comments, shares and views but nothing happens. It looks like our post has not been seen by anyone. There is no mystery behind why does this happen. Most of the niches are highly competitive. Hundreds of blogs are competing to get the attention of a small number of people. In order to get handsome amounts of traffic, you will have to produce something truly exceptional.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Below are five easy to implement and very effective ways of getting large amounts of traffic on your blog.

1. Share More Than Once

This is the first and the most important point in making a blog able to get the maximum traffic. Very often we share a post once and forget about it. It is not a good practice. What about the people who missed it for the first time. The timing of the social media post is also important. On Facebook, for example, youngsters are more active at night and office going people usually use it at day time. Depending on the type of post, and the target audience you should post it on the right time and should post it again. Also, sharing it on more than one social media networks is also important. After publishing the post on your blog, share it on all the social media platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and all other networks. Now-a-days, the trend of sharing on WhatsApp is also on an increase. You should also avail it. Do remember not to share exactly the same post every time; it may be marked as spam. Change the wording of your post to avoid it. You can try asking a question, quoting a famous personality or telling a fact about your post.

2. Get an influential Guest Writer

This is one of the most effective ways to increase blog traffic. People follow names. They want to hear and read from the well-known and influential people in the field. Getting the influential writers for your blog can have two benefits, firstly, they will give your blog some excellent content which is authentic and interesting, secondly, they themselves will share the post to get traffic on it and the traffic will ultimately end up on your blog. These people will definitely write for you only if your website or blog has a well-formed name in the niche or you will have to pay them for it. Besides payment, there are also other ways which you may use to get these people to write for you. You can offer them something like

  • Sharing the content on their own social media and online forums
  • Backlinks to their own sites
  • Free access to your products or services

To get a detailed know-how of guest blogging and how to get guest posters for your blog, refer to the recent article by Dheeraj about guest blogging.

3. Concentrate on the Synonyms in SEO

The artificial intelligence used by Google in ranking the websites is quite intelligent. It ranks the websites with the synonyms in the same category for example if you search for SEO Company. The words like SEO Services and Search Engine Optimization Services are also highlighted in bold in the search results.

Increase Blog Traffic

To compete with the other bloggers of the niche, it is important to work on the synonyms which the other bloggers of your niche may be missing. When working on the SEO of your website and considering the keywords, never miss the synonyms of your keywords. They also have the same effect as the keywords themselves. The Google software working at the backend of all this is called the Hummingbird algorithm. Feed the hummingbird to get the most reward from it. It cannot actually understand what the content is but can read the keywords and use them to rank a specific website. It is simple to do

  • Search the synonyms of the keywords
  • Check which keyword has highest search volume using keyword planner
  • Use the ones with the highest search volume in your content

4. Get Your Tweet Text Right

Do you know that the font and the style of a text is also a factor influencing people to click on a specific tweet or leave it? A survey by Siege Media found that a massive 73% of company blogs weren’t taking advantage of this technique. So you must include the post title and link in a manner that most of the people get to click on your link.

  • One of the most common mistakes is that people include the entire title tag instead of the post title which makes the tweet unattractive.
  • Using generic lines which do not give the reader any information about the topic
  • Mentioning a twitter handle that is not relevant to the post

To get the most out of twitter, you should

  • Avoid using a very long handle
  • Use specific information about your post and present it in an attractive manner
  • Mention the related handles only

5. Optimize your Content

When Hummingbird is there to judge and rank you, it is better to write long posts less frequently than writing daily short posts. People prefer to read about new experiments, case studies, and research which cannot be encompassed in a 600 words post. It is advised to reshape the content by making longer more interesting and more informative posts. You can try making the following as well

  • a podcast: record yourself reading your post aloud and upload to iTunes
  • a screencast: If you are giving a tutorial, instead of writing it make a screencast video, upload to your YouTube channel and share the link on your blog
  • a slide presentation: Create a slideshow of your posts and share it on slide share
  • an eBook: Make an eBook by combining a number of posts and make it available for download


Ultimately, content is the king but these tips can help you get some extra traffic as well.

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  1. Awesome insights… thanks for sharing 🙂
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  2. Optimizing content is highly underrated and also the most time consuming. Great list !

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