Almost all new blogger face difficulty to get organic search traffic and approximately 90% left this field due to failure in getting search traffic. Though there are many ways to get traffic to your site but search traffic has more importance. You have to spend time and money to get traffic from other sources while organic traffic from search engines helps you to earn revenue. That is why it is necessary to get organic search traffic for search engines. In this blog post, I am going to explain 5 proven ways to start your blogging journey and get organic search traffic.

Tips to Get Organic Search Traffic

1.Write Knowledgeable Content for user, not for search engines

All search engines working hard to improve their search algorithm to provide the user a better search experience. They are giving priority to authentic knowledgeable content in search results. There was a time when blogger optimized their content for search engines and got a lot of traffic from search results.

Presently search engines are taking ‘time on site’ and ‘page view per visit’ as a ranking factor which comes under user behavior. Imagine you have optimized your content for search engines, but those content are not authentic and knowledgeable. What will happen with such content? Initially, Google will show your content in search results. Users will come and watch your content and if your contents are false or poor quality then they will leave your site immediately. It means your content will get less time and less page view. Google will take these signal as the site is not optimized for users and will not show your page in search results even you have optimized them for the search engines.

2. Promotion in Social Networking Site Google+

We know that social networking site provides you a lot of referral traffic as well as social signal to rank high in SERP. Especially when you promote your content on Google+ and get the share, like and +1 from there, then Google gives more weight-age to such pages because it is their own social networking site. It will help you to keep high in Google SERP and get organic search traffic.

3. Use Google Autocomplete Search Feature for Keyword Phrase Research

To get organic search traffic from Google there is need to think what people are searching on Google. You can get this information either from Google Webmaster Tool or Google autocomplete search feature. Google Webmaster tool is limited up to your site search query while Google auto-complete feature shows you worldwide latest search query. That is why it is necessary to use keywords and broaden them in the latest search query to get organic search traffic.

4. Use of SEO Plugins

There are numbers of SEO plugin that can help you to analyze the content written by you. These plugins provide suggestion to optimize your content so that search engine crawler can crawl your site in top SERP. These plugins help to add Meta title and Meta description which is most important part of a post. While we search on Google or other search engines, we saw search results with Meta title and description. That is why; it is necessary to optimize them for the search engine with SEO plugins. These plugins tell us whether we have added the alt tag with images or not. When we add alt tag with image, images can be crawled by search engines in image search and divert organic traffic to your site.

5. Make a Micro Niche Site

If you are a beginner in the blogging field, then it is best to choose a micro niche in which you are the master. Search Engines love to rank website those are based on a micro niche rather than the general website.

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  1. Well said. But hard to get more traffic if not rank high enough.

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