All of us know about factors that contribute to better search ranking and optimized our content accordingly. There are some factors that don’t contribute directly to SEO ranking but provide indirect benefits. Here is a list of 5 those unbelievable factors that you never know about search engine ranking.

Unbelievable factors that you never know about search engine ranking

1. Social Signal – A major Ranking Factor.

    Social media play very important role while promoting our website or brand because a large number of people connected with social site now a days.

     Social signal is not a direct ranking factor in SEO, but it offer indirect benefits in search ranking. In other words we can say that it is ranking factor.

     Now question arises how does it helps in ranking?

     If you write quality knowledgeable content or sell good products online through your website, social networking sites divert a huge traffic towards your blog or brand which in turn increase your time on site, pages per visit as well as decrease bounce rate. In addition to that you can earn backlink from top rated sites and increase your brand value.

2. Mobile Optimization

         Mobile optimization is the process to ensure that visitors can access your site or blog from mobile devices.
Mobile is changing the world. Almost 4 out of 5 internet users are using smartphone device for web surfing. It becomes an important medium for information seekers and communication lovers.

     Google has already declare that it will rank first to website that are mobile optimized in mobile search.

 To check whether your site is mobile optimized or not, go to

3. Multimedia Content

     It is observed that people are more likely to share your thoughts, stories or content if they are in the form of image, graphics, audio or video.

     Multimedia content not only increase time on site but also optimizes our content for On Page SEO.

    Imagine you are advertising a product with text content while someone else is advertising product or brand with infographic, image or video. There is no doubt that the other person get more attraction due to use of multimedia.

4. Voice Search Function

    People are searching in smarter way than ever before. Presently program like Google Now, Siri and Cortana are in trend that uses voice as search command.

      All of us know that while we type, it take more time than speak. We write only one or two words to search a results while in voice search we can use complete sentence within seconds. Let us take an example while we search in traditional way we type term “Cloud Type”, while in voice search we can use term “How many types of clouds are there” in same time.

    Now question arises how to optimize content for Voice Search.

  • Choose long tail keywords rather than short one.
  • It is the best option to use web search query or conversational queries as keywords.

5. Local SEO

    When you search for a Burger Plaza near your location, Google provide you the exact and valuable information. To provide user better experience, Google giving priority to website that are optimized for local SEO. Local SEO target consumer those are ready to buy something from possible nearest place. So while optimizing content for local SEO, remember these things.

  • There is need to enter complete & exact data.
  • Add pictures of shop.
  • Add Google Image to Find the Exact Location.
  • Respond to Customer queries and Reviews.


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