Google chrome is the best browser in terms of secure browsing, clear layout, and navigation. The synchronisation capabilities made it possible to customize browser from anywhere. Chrome browser was released in 2008 and have the largest share of global internet users. The availability of a large number of extension made it possible to maximise the productivity using chrome browser. Some of Google Chrome productivity extension are described below.

6 Best Google Chrome Productivity Extension


This google chrome productivity extension enables you to replace new tab with to do task. It is one of the best MIT (Manage Important Task) extension. It is helpful for keeping a list of all events that you need to do online.


  • It links or synchronizes Google calendar events with the task.
  • It enables you to set the reminder for the task.


The best way to ensure that everything you write online is easy to read, effective and mistake free. This extension checks your grammar and spelling and gives the suggestion to improve your writing.


  • It checks spellings for mistakes.
  • It checks the grammar and gives the suggestion to improve those grammatical mistakes.

Save to Pocket

If you don’t have time to watch or read interesting videos and text; then put it in the pocket and read later. It is the best way to save articles, videos with one click.


  • Save the page in one click.
  • Add tags quickly.
  • Synchronise across all devices.
  • Can view later even without internet connection.

One Tab

The best plugin to reduce tab clutter and save the memory of CPU. It saves 95% of your memory.


  • It speeds up the computer by reducing CPU load.
  • Recover computer quickly from sleep.
  • Convert all open tab in a list with one click and restore them either individually or at once.

TechSmith Snagit

Techsmith Snagit extension helps to take the screenshot or capture screen of your chrome browser.


  • Take the screenshot of selected region or complete screen.
  • Capture videos from chrome browser.
  • Save them directly to your drive.

The Printliminator

It is a simple tool to take website print better. You can remove the graphics or change style with one click for print.


  • It removes the graphics with one click from the website.
  • Add print styles to a website page.

I hope all these chrome extensions will increase your productivity at workplace.

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