In the present time, it is a very challenging task to optimized a page for search engines. There was a time when on page optimization was limited up to placement of keywords. Presently Google and Bing are using a complex algorithm to rank a page in search results. According to present algorithms, keyword factor is limited up to 15%. There are other factors included in this  algorithm that includes content quality, linked pages, social signal, multi-device readability, etc. In this blog post, I am going to explain 6 Best On Page SEO Techniques that will Boost your rank in 2016.

On Page SEO Techniques

6 On Page SEO Techniques that will Boost your Ranking

1. Content

The Role of Content is very important in SEO. Contents are known as king. There is no meaning of a web page without content. These content may be present in the form of text, images or videos. A high-quality content helps in on page SEO and improve ranking. A Good content includes,

  • Unique and Original text, images and videos.
  • Well researched on a specific topic.
  • Provide useful information to readers.

2. Keyword in Content

Though the role of a keyword is limited up to 15% in present algorithm, still it matters a lot in on page SEO because a keyword helps search engines to understand what the page is all about. For better on page optimization, a keyword should be included in,

  • The title of the page.
  • Description of the page.
  • Url of the page.
  • Alt tag of the image.
  • In H1, H2 and H3 tag.
  • In content, keyword density should be 2 to 3%.

3. Internal and External Links

Internal and external links plays an important role in on page SEO. It is the best way to tell search engines crawlers about your other pages. Search engines use the content of the linked pages as relevancy signal. It increases the time on site and decrease bounce rate. While linking your content (externally or internally) remember these things.

  • Too many outbound link may hurt search visibility and leak page rank. Try to keep it below 10.
  • Link your content with authoritative sites.
  • Link your content internally with or without anchor text. Add a “Read Also” section to add other related internal pages. It will help to increase time on site as well as decrease bounce rate.
  • Outbound link should be open in new tab.

4. URL Structure

A search engine friendly url structure helps to increase your ranking. A good url should be in the following format.

An example of bad url is Or

A Good search engines optimized post url should be,

  • Short.
  • Provide the summary of the given article.
  • Include keyword.
  • Exclude helping verb.

5. Mobile Friendliness

In the present time, the number of mobile users increasing rapidly. That is why it is necessary to optimize your content for the mobile device. To make your content mobile optimized read these best practices. To make your content mobile-friendly use,

  • Responsive Design.
  • Use HTML5 for special effect.
  • Don’t use pop-ups.

6. Page Load Speed

While we talk about search ranking, page load speed of a web page matters. By reducing your load time, you can increase the number of searches. You can decrease page load time by following these tips.

  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Enable Gzip compression.
  • Use CDN.
  • Minify all codes.
  • Optimize Images.

I hope these On Page SEO Techniques will help you to increase your site search visibility in 2016.

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  2. I think that on page seo and quality backlinks are the key to success in 2016 and this post is awesome and is useful for beginners

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