All of us know that the best traffic for a website is organic traffic. Getting organic traffic or search engine traffic is not as difficult as all new blogger think. There are only a few important thing that you have to keep in mind while optimising your content for search engines.

    While we talk about organic traffic, we should not forget about social media sharing. Because search engines consider social media signal as a ranking factor and rank your website accordingly in SERP.

    Here are 6 reasons why you are not getting organic traffic after a lot of hard work.

1. You are not writing for the people.

    We should remember one thing that we are writing content for people not for search engine. Sometimes for getting search traffic, we over optimise the content. While writing content remember these things.

  • Search Engines takes user behaviour as ranking factor. That is why it is necessary to write content that is readable by people not by search engines.
  • Do not use too much keyword phrase in the content.
  • Do not use too many H2 and H3 tag in the content.
  • Use search query for keyword research because it will help you to know what people are searching for.

2. You are not writing keyword focus content.

    A keyword is the base of any writing. Once you have selected the keyword which is most popular among people, write your content accordingly. Your content or your writing should revolve around that keyword. If you go out of the topic, it will affect your website user behaviour which in turns affect your website ranking and organic traffic.

3. Your Site is not indexed.

    For getting the organic traffic it is essential that your website should be indexed by search engines. You can index your website by creating XML sitemap and submit that to various search engines for getting organic traffic.

4. Your Contents are not sharable.

    As I told earlier, Google takes social media signals as a ranking factor. If your contents are not sharable then you will not get an ample amount of organic traffic. Remember, your tweets, retweets, Facebook post and other social media factor comes in search engine results. In this way, they increase your organic traffic.

5. Your Contents are not linked.

     To make your blog post more valuable, it is necessary to link the content of your blog post internally and externally. Linking helps to suggest related post on your blog which in turns increase page view as well as visitor length on that page. In addition to that linking helps to increase the rank of all your posts.

6. Images are not optimised.

    To get organic traffic, there is a need to add images in your post and optimise them for search engines. Remember, the images that you are adding in your blog post are searchable in images search also. And for this, there is need to optimise images by adding the alt tag.

     I hope if you are not getting organic traffic, then by following these tips, you will get the same.

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