What is ‘Aey Auto’?

Aey Auto – an android solution for traffic in the state of Kerala, India is an Offline Android Application available in the Google Play Store. It is a collection of contact numbers of Auto Rickshaw drivers from all over the state of Kerala, India. The user needs to select his district and the place. All the drivers registered from that place will be shown on the screen. The user can contact any driver by just touching on the mobile number provided. This app also facilitates the emergency reporting system, with which a passenger can contact police on just one button click. A pre-typed message is also made available so that at minimum time and effort You can get in touch with anyone.



Features of ‘Aey Auto’

  • Any Auto driver within the state can register their auto with their phone number and time of availability with their location.
  • Any passenger can call the auto which is located in that area with one touch.
  • Emergency reporting option where you can ask for help to any of your contact as well as can send SMS.
  • Facility to call police with just one touch in case of emergency.


Inspiration Behind “Aey Auto”

But what makes this app unique is that it is made by a house wife. Yes, Mrs. Sheeba Nechiyil, a B Tech graduate in Computer Science from the Govt. Engineering College, Idukki. It all started a day during her pregnancy period, when she was traveling back from an institute to her house. She got down the bus and waited for an auto for so long that at last she had to walk only, that too about 2km. This sparked her thought to make a system to help other people also when they face such a situation. Further discussions on this with her better half ended up in the idea of an Android Application.

For any inquiries or suggestions download Aey Auto and write to her from the app or browse her website The Codes [www.thecodes.co.in].

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