Last week, I was working hard to bring 90+ score for my blog on Google page Speed Insight. But after installing minify, cache, rocket booster, etc. plugin I was unable to get that score. As the name suggest, I was thinking this tool points towards page load speed. I was worry about my site speed because again and again I was getting the red and orange warning in page speed insight. Some bloggers suggest me to change the host, some suggest me install premium theme and plugin. Finally, I came to the decision and did a research on page speed and evaluate the answer of following questions which I will discuss in this blog post.

The Questions that I will cover in this Blog Post.

  1. Is Google Page Speed Insight Really Matter and it is related to page speed of your site?
  2. The Role of Page Speed Optimisation in Engaging Audience.
  3. Why is it necessary to optimise a site for mobile devices?
  4. Best tool to check the page speed of your website?

In this research, I choose 5 websites, in which 2 search engine, 2 social networking sites and one is traffic rank site and compare them with my own blog site. In addition to that I used two different browsers and three different page load speed tools which are as follows.


  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Alexa


  1. Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Mozilla Firefox

Page Load Speed Tool

  1. Google Page Speed Insight.
  2. Pingdom Website Speed Test.
  3. GtMetrix

Results with Google Page Speed Insight

Google Page Speed Insight

As you can see the results here. Both browsers gave the same results. All the website with which I am comparing my site is top 10 sites of the world, still they are getting the low-grade on mobile devices while my blog site is getting a good grade in this result. These results show that Google Page Speed Insight grade score does not matter while we talk about page load speed.

Results with Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom Page Load Speed

Here you can see the difference between page load time and grading. Google Page Speed Insight gives only grading, so there is no need to worry about page load time on that basis. As you can see here, except Google I got more grading than other website, but page load time is more than that.

Results with

GtMetrix page speed test

GtMetrix results show that my blog site is performing better in terms of grade score as well as page load speed.

Answers of Question Ask in Starting of this Blog Post

  1. Google Page Speed Insight matters, but it is not an indicator of speed. It is practically impossible to achieve the perfect grade. Even unable to get perfect 100/100 score in this test. Chasing 90+ grade in Insight is the wastage of time.
  2. Page speed is the most important metric of a site. It plays an important role in SEO and brings your pages in the first page of search results during the organic search. When search engine crawlers crawl your site, they only take your site speed, not grading. In addition to that people does not like a website that took more time to load. That is why it is necessary to reduce load time of your site to engage more audience on your site.
  3. As you can see results in Google Page Speed Insight, the grades for the mobile devices are very low for all websites. According to a survey, the number of mobile users more than desktop users. That is why, it is necessary to optimize your website for the mobile device so that you can engage more people. Most of the web developer getting rid of this problem by making an app for their websites.
  4. You can use Pingdom speed test tool and GtMetrix tool to check the page speed of your website. I am sure that you will get unbelievable results related to page load speed.

Now it is your turn, compare your site with others and get amazing results.

2 Thoughts on “Case Study – Is Google Page Speed Insight Really Matter?

  1. In GTmetrix, getting score 95+ and loading time with in 1 second not easy but it is possible with clean coding and less render blocking resources.

    Dear author, If you are using WordPress, please have a look on this guide which I have written personally step by step.

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