The phrase Net Neutrality is most hot topic in present day scenario. This phrase came in existence in 2003. Simple meaning of this phrase is ‘People can access all web content and services with equal browsing or downloading speed irrespective of any internet service provider’. The rules of Net Neutrality say that. All web content Read More → against net neutrality is the trending topic in present day scenario. is Facebook initiative to bring unconnected people of world together with affordale internet access. It is a partnership program between social giant Facebook and six telecom operator. Net neutrality is the principle that ISP provider should enable access to all web content and services without blocking and throttling. In this blog post I am going to explain Pros and Cons of initiative. Finally I will conclude whether against net neutrality or not. against net neutrality

Pros of

  • This App provides its user free access to basic internet services especially in low connectivity and less affordable area. Users can browser website related to health, employment and information without data charges. In India Presently it provides access to 32 free services.
  • To connect maximum people around the world who are living without internet access; Facebook connectivity lab developing new ways to provide affordable internet access around the world. The connectivity lab team exploring the new technologies that includes Balloons, planes and lasers.
  • The innovation lab under which is Ericsson-Facebook collaboration helps developers by giving then a way to ensure that their apps can be access even in very remote zone and low internet connectivity area.


Cons of

  • You can’t access all websites and services using It provides access to only those web services that are approves by Facebook and its initiative partners.
  • You can’t access the websites that offer high-resolution picture, videos or voice calling features. terms and conditions restrict these websites. It means with your Smartphone device you can access only basic version of mobile internet.
  • does not support https protocol and encrypted content. It means while you go for online shopping or banking your transactions are not secure and may expose your details to hackers.

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Conclusion on against net neutrality

I am disagree with this statement that against net neutrality. There is always two faces of a coin. There are thing which may be good for someone, may not be for others. In my view initiative is good beginning by Facebook and its partner. There are logic given by some people that against net neutrality. Here I would like to mention, what about those people who are not using internet just because they can’t afford data charges or they are located in remote area. Though this initiative provides them basic access to internet, but at least they are providing something without any charges. A famous quote that I heard in my childhood is “Something is better than nothing”. initiative providing at least something to its users then nothing.