Google provides a large number of online products. Some of these products contains our most important as well as precious data like old photos, emails containing important messages, video,etc. Some time it happen when you are unable to access your account due to unavailability of internet connection. Google provides an excellent feature to all its users to download data from all Google products. You can download all Google products data by creating an archive. This blog post will help you to know how to create Google Products archive.

 Create Google Products Archive

Create Google Products Archive

It is extremely easy to create Google Products archive. You can easily and quickly download all your data that you have created in different Google products from account settings. There are variety of format available for the data so that you can easily import it in the other devices or internet services. These steps will help you to create Google products archive.

  • To create Google products archive, first of all login to any of your Google product account.
  • Now click on the profile image followed by My Account option.
  • In My Account page you will find Personal Info and Privacy section. In this section click on Control my Content option.
  • Now you will find download your data section with CREATE ARCHIVE OPTION. Click on this option and you will be redirected to Manage Archives page.
  • Here you can choose the Google products to include in your archive and configure the settings for each product
  • Once you choose the products click on Next option.
  • Here you have to choose your archive’s file type and whether you want to download it or save it to Drive.
  • Once you select the file format and delivery method, click on Create Archive option.
  • Once the archive of your Google products is completed it will be either email you or downloaded in your Google drive.

While you create Google products archive; remember not to  download the archive data on public computer because it may harm your privacy.

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