Search engine optimization and users engagement are two most important task for any content publisher. Social marketing sites are a place where you can find a large number and variety of users. Most search engines giving a ranking boost in SERP to the website with the better social signal. The most important thing, most of the social networking sites users doesn’t want to look at unwanted ads or irrelevant content. In such situation, it is difficult for social media marketers to engage users on social sites for social signals. Recently Facebook announced to help the content publishers and social media marketers with a new set of features which is known as Facebook Audience Optimization feature. These features help content publishers to increase user engagement with targeted traffic on Facebook.

Facebook Audience Optimization Feature

1. Preferred Audience Feature

This is the most important Facebook Audience Optimization feature that allows content publishers to show the content to the preferred audience. This can be done by adding interest tag to content. Once you add the interest tag, your content will be shown to the users with similar interest and who prioritize the same content in the feed. Some advantages of this feature are as follows.

  1. You can target preferred audience.
  2. You can add interest tags with your content.
  3. This feature allow to show content in hashtag search also.

2. Audience Restriction Feature

This feature helps to restrict the visibility of your content to specific users or demography. With this feature, you can specify users that only will see your content. Some advantages of this feature are as follows.

  1. Restrict the visibility of your content to specific demography by adjusting location.
  2. Restrict the visibility of your content to specific users in terms of age, gender and languages.

 3. Audience Insight Feature

This feature helps to know the response of audience for a specific interest tag. The contribution by interest tag in terms of post reach, click more, likes and shares will be shown in Audience Insight Feature.

Facebook’s Audience Optimization feature is an important marketing tool for social media marketers as you can track the success of your marketing with Audience insight. I hope, in future, Twitter and other social networking sites will come with the similar tools or feature to promote the content to preferred users.

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