There are a number of phone recovery or anti-theft apps are available on Google Play Store. But we never use those services and realise their importance when we lost our smartphone devices. In order to find a lost Android device, Google provides a service known as Android Device Manager.

Requirement for Tracking an Android Device in case of lost

     After purchasing an Android device, you should do these settings as soon as possible in order to track your phone in case of loss.

  • Your device should be connected to your Google account.
  • Internet plan should be activated on your device.
  • Turn on location services because it helps Android device manager to track the location of your device.

Android Device Manager to Find a Lost Android Device

     In case you lost your Android device, there is need of another android device or a computer with internet connection to track your lost phone. If you are using a computer then open the Android Device Manger site to locate the lost Android Device.

In order to locate lost android device using a smartphone, there is a need to install “Android Device Manager” app. Once you installed this app you can track the exact position of your device.

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Features of Android Device Manager

  • It located the Android device that is associated with your Google account.
  • After locating your device, it can reset the screen lock pin of your device.
  • You can erase all the data of your device remotely.
  • You can ring on your device using Android Device Manager.

Find a Lost Android Device

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