Formatting helps to focus or add emphasis on a word, phrase or a sentence in a text. Whatsapp recently launched a new feature that can help you format text with Bold, Italic & Strikethrough.

As in other text formatting apps; you can format text in WhatsApp by adding special character before and after a word, phrase or sentence.

Format Text in Whatsapp

  • To italicize the text, there is need to add the underscore to either side of the text. _Technotrix_
  • To bold the text, you need to add asterisk to both sides of the text or word. *Technotrix*
  • To Strikethrough the text, there is need to add tilde on both sides of the word. ~Technotrix~
  • You can also use the combination of these special characters. _*~Technotrix~*_

Format Text in Whatsapp

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