Frequently Asked Questions About DarkNet.

1. What is Darknet?

      The Darknet is a part of the black market. It is a group of the website where the identity of every individual kept anonymous from law enforcement agencies. It is the place where people can maintain anonymity and get & disclose positive as well as negative things.

2. Pros & Cons of Darknet?

Pros of Darknet – There are many places around the world where whistle-blowers can’t speak against the misconduct of government agencies, their official as well as other powerful people. Darknet is the right place to tell the world about misconduct without disclosing your identity.

Cons of Darknet – As I told earlier, it is used to maintain complete privacy on the internet. That is why, it is used by people involved in illegal services such as drug dealing, arms dealing, pornography, piracy, etc. Darknet is considered as the safest heaven for black marketers.

3. How does Darknet work?

     In Darknet, network traffic is routed through thousands of servers around the world that make it impossible to trace the exact source or location.

4. How to use Darknet?

     To use Darknet, there is a need to download TOR browser on your system. TOR stands for The Onion Router. This browser provides complete anonymity to the user while accessing the black net or regular web pages.

5. How to pay for services in Darknet?

     You can’t use general or trending method for payment of services in Darknet. The use of trending methods like PayPal, net banking, credit card, etc. may disclose your identity. You can use only virtual currency in Darknet. Presently the virtual currency that is in trend to buy or sell the black market product is Bitcoin.

     Always go for the positive side of the darknet to stop corruption and bring harmony in the society. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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