YouTube is one of the easiest and reliable online income sources. The only need to show your presence and content on YouTube. You can do this by creating a public channel for your YouTube account. Online income from YouTube is simple and reliable due to the following features.

  1. YouTube is a Google product and all of us know that Google is a reputed and reliable organization.
  2. There is no need to invest money. YouTube provides all users an opportunity to earn without investing a single penny.
  3. Your earning will starts from the very first day of work.

Earn Extra Income


How to Show your Presence on YouTube and Earn Extra Income

You can make creative, educational, funny, etc. videos and upload them on your channel to earn extra income. To show your presence on YouTube, you have to do following things.

  1. Setup and Build your channel.
  2. Add content.
  3. Show your presence in public.
  4. Monetize videos.


Set up & Build your Channel

The first step towards showing your presence is to set up and build a channel. All YouTube accounts associated with a channel. If you have already a YouTube account, then you can set up your channel. If you don’t have then you can use your Google account to make one. Remember these things while building your channel.

  1. Give your channel a name which is easy to remember. It may be your name or the name of your company.
  2. Write channel description and set images for channel according to videos that you are going to upload.


Add Content or Videos.

Once you completed the channel set up, there is the need to add videos to it. You can add creative, educational, tech tutorial, funny, etc. videos as content in your channel. I have already wrote about 5 creative ideas for housewives to make money online from YouTube. While adding videos, keep these things in mind.

  1. Record videos with the help of a good camera, tripod or friends help.
  2. Use videos editing software to further improve quality in a professional manner.
  3. Make small videos. People would like to watch small videos. 5 to 10 minutes length is enough.
  4. Upload videos regularly to hold your audience.
  5. Optimize videos for search engines by adding keywords.


Show your Presence in Public.

The next and most important step is to show your presence in public and grow your audience because it will help to increase your income. You can grow and hold the audience by following ways.

  1. Keep update and share videos on social networking sites.
  2. Interact with people those are giving comment on your videos.
  3. Join the similar online community to gather more audience.


Monetize Videos.

While uploading videos on your channel, monetize them. Once you monetize your videos, Google will show appropriate advertisement on your videos. Your YouTube income depends on the popularity of your channel and number of audience.

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