Inbox by Gmail offered an outstanding reminder feature to its users to keep a record of everything in one place. Now you can dd reminder to emails that are arriving in your inbox. It will help you to know which email you have to adhere to. Moreover to that you will know what exactly you have to do with email without opening it again.

How to Add Reminder to an Email of Inbox by Gmail

  • First of all open email using Inbox by Gmail.
  • Now click on pin image given at top to pinned the particular email.
  • Once you pinned the email, you will find “Remember to ……..” option at top of the email.
  • Here you can either type the reminder or select from actions list (call, email, read, check in, meet, make reservation, watch, return, cancel reservation).
  • Finally click on save option to save the reminder.

Add Suggested Reminder to an Email

Suggested reminder feature of Inbox by Gmail helps users to set reminder based on email text. For example, your friend sends you an email says ” bring history book to College”. Inbox by Gmail will read this text and suggest you reminder under subject line which may look like this. ‘Add Reminder – ┬ábring history book to college’. You can save suggested reminder by clicking on Add Reminder option.

You can see all your past, present and coming reminder in the reminder option of menu of Inbox by Gmail. Once you done with a reminder, you can mark it with done. One thing that you should remember while setting reminder is to turn on notification option. When we set a reminder for a specific mail for a specific time or location, we get notification at that time. If the notification option is turned off, the reminder will be show up in Inbox by Gmail, but you will not get the notification.

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