As on 23 Sep 2015 Google added a new feature that enable its users to block specific email addresses in Google’s Gmail with just a click. This feature is available on web and will be launched on android devices in next few weeks.

This feature is similar as in other email services. This option puts emails in block list that tells Gmail to never show emails from this email address again. Once you block an email address, all emails related to that email address goes in spam folder. If you want to unblock them, you can do it in your spam folder. Till now, all Gmail users was using Report Spam feature to block someone.

How to Block Specific Email Addresses in Google’s Gmail?

Now you can block someone on Gmail with just one click. Follow these step to block specific email addresses in Google’s Gmail.

  • First of open email from email address that you want to block.
  • In front of email address, click on the drop down arrow key.
  • Here you will find Block[name] option. Click on it to block that particular person or business from sending you emails.

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