Ranking of a website reflects the popularity and trust to its viewers. There are numbers of website analytic tool that rank a website, but the most popular are Google Page rank and Alexa traffic rank. In this blog post, I am going to explain how to increase website traffic for better Alexa ranking.

How to Easily Increase Website Traffic for Better Alexa Ranking?

Before getting into increase website traffic, we will understand Alexa ranking with these questions.

  1. Why Alexa Ranking Important for Website Owners?
  2. What are the Factors that affect the Alexa Ranking?

Why Alexa Ranking Important for Website Owners?

As I wrote in previous paragraph, ranking of a website reflects its reputation. If a website having good Alexa rank as well as Google Page rank, it will get more followers. It is extremely easy for Good ranking websites to sell goods and services. Visitors of your site will follow your instruction. It is quite difficult to get Good Google page rank that is why it increase the importance of Alexa ranking.

What are the Factors that Affect the Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a web analytic tool that give a unique rank to all website around the world. It calculates rank on average of last three-month visitors towards your website. But here one thing you should remember that all those visitors must have install Alexa toolbar in their browser.

Why is it Required?

The reason being Alexa track visitors towards a specific website either if a website is installed with Alexa toolbar or Alexa widget is added in your website.

The conclusion of above fact is

  1. You should install Alexa widget plugin in your website for better ranking.
  2. You can’t force people to Install Alexa toolbar, so you have to search for alternatives of this for better ranking.

 How to Increase Website Traffic?

As stated above for a valid visitor for Alexa ranking, they must have installed Alexa toolbar. Here I am going to explain about a traffic exchange tool where you can get valid visitors for Alexa ranking as this tool is already have inbuilt Alexa toolbar. This tool that provides you Increase Website traffic for better Alexa ranking is HitLeap. Hitleap is world most popular traffic exchange website. Here you can get traffic either by visiting others website using Hitleap viewer app or by purchasing a traffic package.

Step by Step Tutorial to Increase Website Traffic using HitLeap

  1. First of all open HitLeap and sign up for the account.
  2. Hitleap will send a verification email in your email id. Verify your details and sign in to your Hitleap account.
  3. Go to My Website and add your website.
  4. If you want to get free traffic by earning minutes then install Hitleap viewer in your PC, otherwise purchase a traffic package.

Remember: This trick only work to improve your Alexa traffic rank. This trick will not work for AdSense earning.

16 Thoughts on “How to Easily Increase Website Traffic for Better Alexa Ranking

  1. Is it safe to use traffic exchange tool? I’ve read some blog and forum posts about this and majority of them said that it will actually increase your alexa rank but not on organic ranking.

    • Hi Cris,
      Yes, it is right, it will actually increase your Alexa rank, and not organic. As you know Google Page rank is dead at present and Google is not going to update in near future. The last update was in 2013. What about websites created after that update? Advertisers are using Alexa rank as an indicator of websites popularity. Alexa rank does not reflect whether your website getting organic traffic or not. There are other methods to increase your organic traffic and link building is one of them.

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