Recently I faced a problem with my Android smartphone device. Its back, home and recent task screen button were not working. Once I thought to repair it from expert but then I changed my mind and search about this problem. I came to know that my device keys which are also known as hardware keys are not working due to device crashed from height or water exposure. The best part of my search was that you can replace android broken back button with soft key without paying a single penny and your phone starts working once again.

Here is an image of my hardware keys.


How to Replace Android Broken Back Button with Soft Key?

To replace Android broken back button with soft key, you can install Button Savior Non Root app on your device. This app simulate the hardware keys of your device without rooting it. You can search for this app on Google Play store or can download it directly from here.

If you are facing problem with broken hardware keys  on your device then this app make your life easier. This app display floating software keys panel that includes the back, home, volume, camera, call, recent screen and screen lock keys.

Feature of Button Savior Non Root

  • There is no need to root your device.
  • Floating trigger icon.
  • Swipe to show button savior panel from both sides of screen.
  • Simulate home, back, volume, camera, call, recent task screen off and screen lock button.
  • Provide theme that support your display.

If you have a rooted android device then you can install the Button Savior Root app to change your hardware keys.

This is number one soft keys as well as top 10 must have app. This app is the perfect option for those facing problem of broken keys and want to use their device without paying anything.

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