Boomerang is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser. It is great due to its several features but the most popular features are to schedule Gmail Messages and postpone incoming mails. With the help of this extension you can write a message now and schedule when it will send. It is the best option to schedule a message if you are going in the area where there is no network access. This blog post will explain how to schedule Gmail Messages using Boomerang.

How to Install Boomerang for Gmail?

  • Now click on “Add This To Your GMAIL!” option given in Red Text Box.
  • Give permission to install Boomerang.

How to Schedule Gmail Messages Using Boomerang?

Once you installed the extension in your browser , you can follow these steps to schedule Gmail Messages using Boomerang.

  • First of all open your Gmail account.
  • Now compose a new mail.
  • After adding recipient and message click on Send Later option.
  • Here you can choose the day, time and date or you can type the same in the given text box.
  • Finally click on the Confirm option.

Now your message will be delivered to Recipient on the scheduled date and time.

Other Features of Boomerang

As I mentioned earlier Schedule mail is one of the most important feature of Boomerang for Gmail. There are other features of Boomerang which are listed below.

  • You can postpone incoming mails using this extension.
  • You can communicate with the people living in different time zones.
  • Remind you to about important events and information.

You can schedule 10 Gmail messages per month free of cost. If you want to schedule more messages then you have to go with paid subscription. If you are owner of a group or company, you can buy group subscription for that.

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