For any successful blog, traffic is the necessity and it is the most difficult task for the beginner to bring traffic to their site. There are several ways to bring traffic to your blog, but most of them either change with the time or comes under black hat techniques. In this blog post, I am going to explain evergreen 5 immortal tips to increase blog traffic dramatically.

1. Quality Content

To increase blog traffic dramatically, first and foremost requirement is the quality of content. All other search engine ranking factor may change with the time but quality of content is an evergreen and king of all other ranking factors. Authentic knowledgeable content helps you to engage the user to your website which in turn helps to increase blog traffic. So first of all, concentrate on quality content for increasing your blog traffic.

2. The Length of Blog Post.

Google search engine algorithm punish websites with thin content. Google consider those pages with thin content which have either very few content or content with no value. It is considered to rank in search engine, minimum 300 words per post are required. If you can write more than 2500 words, then there may be chances to rank in top pages of Google search. But remember to write knowledgeable content otherwise there is no use to write 2500 words

3. Optimize Content for the user as well as Search Engine.

To rank high in search engine, most new bloggers optimize their content heavily for search engine and neglect user. While writing content first you should consider your audience behaviour, geography, gender, age and preferences then you should write the post for them and finally optimize them for the search engine.

4. Blog Post Tile.

Blog post title plays an important role in engaging the user. A large number user never clicks on site while reading the post title in search results. If you write good and knowledgeable content but doesn’t give them an eye-catching title then you will not get enough click through ratio. That is why it is necessary to write such title that force users to click on the site. While writing content try to give them

  • Controversial headline or post title.
  • Headlines start with numbers.

5. Add Share Button.

You wrote good knowledgeable content and your CTR is also good still you are not getting traffic from other sources. You have good search traffic but unable to convert them the huge amount of traffic. The biggest reason behind it is your search visitors unable to share your content with their near and dear one. That is why it is necessary to add share button in blog post get referral traffic from social networking sites also.

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