If you are curious to know about WordPress Themes and Plugins used by other bloggers then it is extremely easy using WordPress Theme Detector.

Most of the times it happen when we like the theme and plugins of other bloggers and want to install them on our blog. But it is extremely difficult to find information about that because there are thousands of themes and plugins are available for WordPress platform. WordPress Theme Detector is a free online tool that enables its users to find all the details about WordPress themes and plugins used by a particular site.

 wordpress theme detector

Features of WordPress Theme Detector

  • The main feature of this tool is to detect WordPress theme and provide all available details for that theme.
  • It also check for installed WordPress plugin and give details about them.
  • This tool also check for Child theme as well as parent theme on which it is based and show you all available information.


How to Use WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress theme detector is a free online tool that find what WordPress theme is used in a site. This tool analyse the website and if it found the website is powered by WordPress, then it show you all available details about WordPress theme and plugins used by that website.

  • Go to the http://www.wpthemedetector.com in your browser.
  • Now enter the domain, url or page url of the site for which you want to know about WordPress Theme and Plugins.
  • Finally Click on Detect WordPress Theme.

You will get all the information about the WordPress theme used by that site. These information includes Theme name, version, description, theme site, author site, Licence, screenshot etc. In addition to that it will show all active plugins in that site.

Because it is WordPress theme detector tool, it provides all information about Theme. But Remember detected plugins list does not necessarily include all active plugins used by site.

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