Dark Web is the group of websites where identity of every individual is kept unknown from Law enforcement organization. A normal search engine can not access dark web due to high level security. Here individual come to keep them unknown and help community in positive as well as negative way. The objective of dark web is to provide complete comfort to every individual without any fear of law and order.

How to Access Dark Web?

Dark web consist of .onion suffix which is a top-level domain. You can’t open these domain name in simple browser. Also a regular search engine can’t find these sites. The reason being high level of security and anonymity. You can access .onion sites either using TOR ( The Onion Router) browser or I2P (Invisible Internet Project) network. Both are free and open source network. The goal of these network is to provide complete anonymity to whistleblower, activist,  journalist  as well as user of illegal services.  The payment method for illegal services in the form of Bitcoin because it is the most secure method to be anonymous. If a user use credit card or Paypal account, he may lose his anonymity.

Dark Web

Pros and Cons of Dark Web?

Dark web which is also known as deep web is a part of black market. It is used for illegal services.  Still dark web have both pros and cons and some of them are mentioned here.

Pros of Dark Web

  • There are number of instances when whistleblowers and activists know about misconduct and corruption of top Government official, but never speak in front of public. Using dark web they can contact with news channels and journalist and provide them proof of misconduct.
  • It is a good place for oppressed people to share their thoughts with other oppressed people without any fear.
  • It is a safe heaven for the people with controversial thought as they can communicate with same thought people without any fear.

Cons of Dark Web

  • As mentioned above it is a part of black market. Therefore dark web is used for all illegal services which includes abuse, smuggling, gambling, porn, hacking, drugs, fraud, etc.
  • It is the place where you can become the victim of identity theft. For example, a person who is doing job in a bank uses these dark web, may reveal your personal information to other person. This is not only case of bank but in other department also.


As I mentioned above, there are pros and cons of dark web. Though it is not good for the person who are using it for illegal purpose, on the other hand it is safe for whistleblower. There is no one who provide any illegal service free of cost. So government should make some arrangement to track payment. It will help to catch criminals.

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