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The Internet rapidly becoming the part of our daily life. Now a days, we can give order and purchase anything online. For this, we need to fill the form again and again. These forms are consists of our addresses, numbers as well as credit card information. The Google chrome Autofill feature help to fill these forms with one click. There are advantages as well as drawbacks of Google chrome Autofill feature. This feature helps to save time while filling the form online. This feature may also become the cause of identity theft while using a public computer. Here I am going to explain everything about Google Chrome Autofill Feature.

How Does Google Chrome Autofill Feature Helpful?

When you first time fill the form online, Google Chrome Autofill Feature automatically save the information filled by you as an Autofill entry. In addition to that it also saves your credit card information. When you enter credit card information; chrome asks whether you would like to save the information or not. You can store multiple addresses or information using chrome autofill feature. When you start filling form; this feature matches the first text of your form with saved entries. If it found any matches entry, you can fill the whole form with just one click.

Drawback of Google Chrome Autofill Feature

Google chrome autofill feature may become the cause of identity theft. This feature enable by default in the browsers. So when you enter your information in the public computer, it saves your information automatically and anyone can use the information to harm you. In addition to that there are numbers of forge websites that capture your information in hidden fields to harm you. Remember these things to prevent yourselves from consequences of Google Chrome Autofill Feature.

  • Never use Autofill feature on the untrusted website.
  • Never use the Public computer for filling forms. If using disable this option.
  • Delete all browsing data, especially “Autofill entries” before leaving the public computer.

How to Disable Autofill Feature?

Chrome autofill feature enable in the browser by default. So there is need to disable this feature while using a public computer. Follow these steps to Disable Google Chrome Autofill Feature.

  • Go to the browser toolbar and click on the settings option.
  • On the settings page, click on “Show advanced settings” option given at the end of the page.
  • Go to Password and form section and uncheck the box given in front of “Manage autofill to fill out web form in a single click”.

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