To connect the whole world with project; Facebook connectivity lab working hard to make drones. The purpose of these drones is to deliver internet to everyone especially to those who are living in remote area. Recently Facebook revealed that the production of its first Facebook internet drone Aquila is completed. Yes; Aquila is the name which is given to these drones. Soon Facebook will provide internet connectivity to all unconnected people using these Aquila. Basically the target of Facebook is to create a fleet of these Aquila drones to cover a vast area.

What is Facebook Internet Drone Aquila?

Facebook’s connectivity lab giving wings to its ambitious project to connect people around the world. For this they are creating fleet of Facebook internet drone Aquila. First drone of this fleet is ready for test in couple of month.

Facebook internet drone Aquila is a solar-powered plane having wingspan equal to Boeing 737. An Aquila made of carbon fibre shell. Its weight is approximately 400 kilogram. These drones will fly at an altitude of 90,000 feet and beam internet at the speed of 10 Gigabits per second. It can cover approximately 50 miles radius area. The fleet of drones would be connected with each other using free space optics. This will help to cover a large area. The life of a drone is approximately 90 days.

How does it affect the World?

The Facebook ambitious project will connect people living in remote area. Soon people of remote area will access internet at cheap rate. Recently Google also launched such project names Google Project Loon. The motive of both projects is same. In this way, the race of providing cheap internet in remote area of the world reached in the sky.

Presently Facebook is not planning to operate these drones; instead responsibility of operation of these drones will be given to Telecom Companies.

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