While browsing over the network, there is always issues related to security and privacy. The Browsers stores your information like your passwords, search history, and page history. Though the intention to store such information is to improve your experience on the web, but hackers can use this information to harm your privacy. If you are using your personal computer then it is Ok, otherwise in public computer anti-social elements can use your browsing information to harm your privacy. That is why; it is necessary to maintain privacy using Private Browsing in the public computer. Private browsing is known with the different name in different browsers.

Why We Should Maintain Privacy Using Private Browsing?

While you use Private browsing, web browser prevents storage of all your browsing data. Private browsing helps to prevent the storage of following on PC.

  • New browsing history and cookies world not store.
  • Internet temporary files deleted automatically once Private browsing window closed.
  • Form data, password, and¬†addresses and queries entered never stored.
  • It sends do not track request to website visited by you.

Once you turned on the private browsing, you will find that private is written in the Url box. To turn off the private browsing, just close the private browser window.

The concept of private browsing was started in April 2005 in Safari browser. Later it is included in Google Chrome browser in December 2008 and known as New Incognito window. In Mozilla Firefox, it is known as New Private window; while in Internet Explorer, the name is InPrivate browsing. There are other browsers which are known for complete anonymity and TOR (The Onion Router) browser is one of them. This browser is used by the whistle-blower, journalist and people who want to maintain anonymity.

I hope this blog post will help you to maintain privacy using Private browsing.

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