Memorialize Facebook Account is a place for dear and near ones to share the memories of a person who has passed away. Most of the times the question that arises in the mind of a Facebook user’s is what will happen to their account if they pass away. You can tell Facebook well in time whether you might want to memorialize Facebook Account or erase it for all time.

Memorialize Facebook Account

Benefits of Memorialize Facebook Account.

  1. ‘Remembering’ word will appear before person name in profile.
  2. Friends and Family can share the memory but it depend on the privacy setting of the account made by the deceased person.
  3. These accounts thoroughly secure and nobody can log in.
  4. Loved ones can share memories on memorialize timeline.
  5. The Group with an administrator whose account was memorialized will have the capacity to choose another administrator.
  6. Pages with sole administrator whose account memorialized will be erased from Facebook.

How to Memorialize Facebook Account.

When someone passed away, Facebook memorialized their account when they get a request from the dear and near one. You can give a request for memorializing your near one account by filling a form. To fill memorialize request form, you are required following things.

  1. Your Email Address.
  2. Link to the profile of the person who passed away.
  3. When did they pass away?
  4. Proof of death either in the form of a web link or an image.

You can fill the form online by going on this link

Once an account is memorialized, no one can delete or remove the content of the account. Only a legacy contact do few things which are as follows.

  1. Legacy contact can change the cover photo and profile picture.
  2. Can respond for a new friend request.
  3. Write pinned post on the timeline.

Memorialize Facebook Account is a way to live online social life after death.

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