Two month ago, researcher found that almost all Android devices up to Lollipop 5.1.1 are vulnerable for a malware. This megabug is known as Android Stagefright bug. The attack is done by sending malicious code in the form of Multimedia Message on your phone number. As of now this is most severe known vulnerability on Android devices.

How Does Android Stagefright bug Attack Happen?

A hacker can attack by knowing your phone number. He will send a malicious code using Multimedia message on your Android device and by default all messaging apps will auto retrieve this message. Once the message is downloaded on your device, malicious code will install itself and run in background of your device. In this way a hacker can take control of your device remotely and steal your sensitive information.This bug affect all messaging Apps. Some of most popular messaging apps used by Android users are Google hangout, messenger and WhatsApp. Any cyber criminal can take advantage of this vulnerability and can remotely control your device. He may further inject other malicious code in your device for more damage.

How Does We Can Protect Ourselves from this Attack?

At present there is urgent need of bug fix. Android already made the patches for bug fix. Now it is up to phone manufacturer to deliver those patches to you for protecting your device from Android Stagefright bug attack. It make take few days to few months.

For time being all android users can protect themselves from this mega bug by disabling the auto retrieve feature in their default messaging app. As a precautionary step, it is recommended to stop auto retrieve feature in all messaging app installed on your device.

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Instruction for Disabling of Auto Retrieve Feature

For Messenger App

For Google Hangout App

For WhatsApp

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