While we talk about SEO, we underestimate the bounce rate as a factor of ranking in Google SERP. Bounce rate is an important metric that demonstrates the rate of individuals who arrives on one of your site page and after that leave without clicking to anyplace else on your site. In other words, we can say, a single page visit. A high bounce rate means, visitors either didn’t discover what they were searching for or the page was not easy to use.

In this blog post, I am going explain role of Bounce rate in SEO strategies for which i will cover following topics relate to bounce rate and SEO.

  1. What does bounce rate mean?
  2. Why does bounce rate matter?
  3. Role of Bounce Rate in SEO Strategies.

And finally give,

  1. 5 reasons of high bounce rate.
  2. 10 tips to decrease bounce rate.

What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

By definition, Bounce is a visitor who lands on your site, view a page and instantly exist. It means the bounce rate is the total number of single page visit divided by total page visit to your site.

Why Does Bounce Rate Matter?

Bounce is an important metric as well as a strong indicator of how engaging your visitors are. This metric matters because search engines perceive the importance of your web page as bounce rate.

Here we can take an illustration.

Google rank a web page on the first page of search results for a specific keyword. Clearly, web page gets a lot of traffic for being on the first page of the indexed list. Imagine, by one means or another 95% visitors leave the web page within 5 seconds, the reason may vary for visitors. Google tracks the user behaviour and reaction and expels such pages from Google inquiry top results.

Role of Bounce Rate in SEO Strategies

The purpose of SEO strategies is to bring a web page in the first page of Google search results. Bounce rate is a ranking factor in Google SERP. All SEO strategies will fail if your bounce rate is high. As I mentioned above Google expels web pages from search results having high bounce rate. Thus when we talk about SEO, we can’t neglect the importance of bounce rate.

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5 Reasons of High Bounce Rate

  • Unrelated and Low-Quality Content

Unrelated content is the biggest reason of high bounce rate. Visitors generally leave the web pages within 5 to 10 seconds when they didn’t find what they were looking for. In other words, we can say that high bounce rate cause due to contents that are not related to title and Meta description. In addition to this, low-quality content which is difficult to understand, increase the bounce rate.

  • Page Load Speed

The second biggest factor in high bounce rate is page load speed. It is observed that 75% visitors leave the site when a web page takes more than 4 seconds to load which in turn increase bounce rate.

  • Poor Site Design

Poor site design is the third factor for high bounce rate. Proper navigation menu and other related contents are required to engage people. The Absence of these two and stuffing of Ads on landing pages cause high bounce rate.

  • User Behaviour

Sometimes user behaviour also contributes in high bounce rate. Some users bookmark a valuable web page and leave the site that time.

  • Incorrect Implementation of Tracking Code

If you are following all SEO strategies and getting high bounce rate, then there is need to make sure whether you have implemented the tracking code correctly.

10 Tips to Decrease Bounce Rate

  • No one likes web page that load slowly and it is observed that 1 in 4 people leave a web page that takes more than 4 seconds to load. That is why it is necessary to reduce load time for low bounce rate.
  • Write high-quality content and provide valuable information to engage your visitors. It will help to decrease your bounce rate.
  • A large number of visitors leaves the website having a lot of annoying ads. That is why it is necessary to remove pop-ups and unnecessary ads.
  • Use internal linking to engage visitors in other web pages of your site.
  • Be careful with external linking. Open external link in the new window so that visitor will never leave your site when they open the external link.
  • A bad design convinces visitors to leave the site. That is why it is necessary to make your site design attractive to engage your visitors.
  • Write content with clear heading and sub-heading. Use of bold, underline, Italic text, Images and Bullet points make your web page more attractive.
  • In present day scenario, a large number of user, uses mobile devices for browsing internet. That is why, it is necessary to make the mobile friendly page.
  • Site navigation provides your visitors a clear and easy way for navigation on your site. A user-friendly site navigation helps to engage visitors on your site.
  • Provide related content in your post. The purpose of related content recommendation is to engage visitors on the similar content of your website.

I hope this post will help you to decrease your bounce rate. I request all visitors to give comment and suggest me other means of lowering bounce rate.

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