Imagine if you can send and receive fax without fax machine and paper. Yes; it is possible, you can send free fax online using Hellofax. For Hellofax user there is no need to own a fax machine. All faxes go directly from your computer to receiver fax machine and incoming fax comes directly to your inbox. This tool enables you to send faxes straight from your computer. Just upload the file, enter fax number and receiver will receive fax in their machine. This blog post will help you to know more about send free fax online using Hellofax.

 Send Free Fax Online Using Hellofax

Advantages to Send Free Fax Online Using Hellofax

There are number of advantages as well as features of Hellofax that makes it different from others. It is one of the best method to send free fax online using Hellofax.

  • The process of sending and receiving fax is paperless and clean, therefore it is an ecofriendly method.
  • The transmission process is confidential, secure and encrypted with bank grade level of security.
  • You can send, receive and manage all faxes from cloud.
  • This service is integrated with the Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Evernote for your convenience.
  • You can fax multiple recipients at once.
  • You can do signature and edit faxes digitally.
  • This facility is available in 70+ countries.
  • You can use this service using Google and Microsoft account.


Step by Step Tutorial to Send Free Fax Online Using Hellofax

This step by step tutorial will help you to send free fax online using Hellofax.

  • In login, you will find option to sign in with Google and Microsoft account. Click on the service that you want to use for login.
  • Enter Google or Microsoft account credential for login.
  • In home page, click on “Send a Fax” option from left sidebar.
  • Now upload or drag the file that you want to send in fax. Enter the fax number and press “Send it Now”.


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  1. Hello fax is really very useful tool to send and receive email without using fax machines. The people who don’t know that how to use this can get clearly information through this post. Thanks for sharing useful information.

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