A large number of people around the world wants to improve the quality of images taken by them in the past. And for this, they approach professional photo editor and pays a huge amount for that. Only a few of them know that they can do this with their smartphone easily. Snapseed is a professional quality photo editing app that enables every smartphone user to perfect the snaps. This Google Inc app enables you to edit images with the tap of the finger and adjust perspectives.

Snapseed – A Professional Quality Photo Editing App

You can install this app from Google Play Store and once you opened an image in Snapseed, you can edit it using tools and filters.

Tools help to perfect the images by cropping and removing spots. The tool includes tune images, details, crop, rotate, transform, brush, selective, healing, and vignette option.

Filters help to add style to snaps. Filters include Lens blur, glamour glow, Tonal contrast, HDR scape, Drama, Grunge, Grainy Film, Vintage, Retrolux, Noir, Black and White and Frames option.

You can compare the edited snap with the original one with one click. In addition to that, you can zoom in an image to see the details.

You will find the Histogram in lower left corner. It helps to determine the proper image exposure. This graph shows the distribution of tones in the images.

To maintain non-destructive workflow, stacks enables the modification to the tools and filters applied to a snap previously. You can insert additional and delete previously added tools and filters without having to start over.

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