We are living in the era known for Information Technology and Internet is one of the tools of this technology. The Internet is a powerful and useful tool. While it made our life easy, there is a need to protect ourselves from this. If you will not use the internet safely, you may become the victim of identity theft. That is why there is need to stay safe online from cyber criminals.

5 Tips to Stay Safe Online

1. Protect your Password.

     The first step towards to stay safe online is to protect your password from hackers. For this, there is need to set a strong password. A strong password,

  • Should be the combination of the lower case & upper case letter, numbers, and special characters.
  • Shouldn’t be easy to guess.
  • Never use the same password for all your accounts.

     While using your password in baking sites, it is the best option to use virtual keyboard for typing your password.

2. Protection of Email

     While we talk about email protection, there is a need to protect ourselves from attachment sent with these emails. Cybercriminals lure people with attractive offers through emails and try to compromise the account. To protect yourselves from these attack,

  • Never click on any email or attachment that comes from an unrecognised resource.
  • Don’t reveal your personal information in an email.
  • Check website URL to confirm the website authenticity as it becomes identical to the original one but not exactly the same.

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3. Online Shopping

     There is a need to be extra cautious while going for online shopping. There are maximum chances of identity theft during online shopping or transactions. To protect yourselves during online shopping,

  • During online shopping check whether URL started with https:// or http://. If it is started with http://, never provide your personal and banking details.
  • During net banking, use virtual keyboard for password insertion.
  • Turn off autofill feature in browser and use incognito or inPrivate mode, if you are using the public computer.
  • The account that you are using for the transaction should not be your main account.

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4. Two Factor Authentication

     Two-factor authentication is the combination of the usual password as well as OTP (one time password) that you receives on your personal mobile device. It is the best option to enable two-factor authentication in all your accounts whether that is your email account or social media account.

5. Protecting your Mobile Device.

     Now a days, the most popular IT gadget that may affect your privacy is the smartphone. It diverted a large number of computer users towards it. We spent most of our time on mobile devices. To protect our mobile devices from cybercriminals,

  • Turn off Autoplay video option in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc. The reasons being, malicious code can be send with the videos and when it play on your device, your device may get affected.
  • Set screen lock password either in the form of a pattern, PIN or password form.
  • Follow all above mentioned tips in your mobile device also.

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     I hope this article will help you to stay safe online. If you like this article then share it with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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