WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook two years ago. That time a statement was released by WhatsApp CEO that this acquisition will not affect the privacy of users. Recently WhatsApp updated its terms & Privacy policies. Here 3 questions arise after these updates.

1. What Information Shared with Facebook?

According to new updated FAQ, WhatsApp is sharing user data such as phone numbers, status, and profile name. While sharing your data with Facebook, two things that are covered in Privacy policies are as follows.

  • The information which is being shared with Facebook is not publicly visible.
  • The end to end encryption policy will continue in trend to protect your messages, videos, and photos from WhatsApp & Facebook.

 2. Why WhatsApp Sharing Data with Facebook?

As per privacy policies, there are three reasons behind sharing your data with Facebook.

  • It will help them in fighting spam across apps.
  • It will help Facebook to provide product suggestion to you.
  • It will help Facebook to provide relevant offers & Ads on your Facebook account.

According to new updates, you may receive flight status information, Appointment reminders, Delivery and Shipping notification.

How to stop WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook?

3.  How to Stop WhatsApp from Sharing your Data?

There are two ways to stop WhatsApp from sharing your Data.

  • According to the new policy, you will receive a pop up on the launching of WhatsApp. You will find Agree option in this pop up. Don’t click instead click on the not now option in upper right corner.
  • If accidentally, you clicked on Agree option, then go to Setting of WhatsApp and follow these steps.

WhatsApp → Settings → Account → Share my Account Info. Finally, click on don’t share option. You can use this option within 30 days of accepting latest policies.


1. It is not cleared yet, if you reject the new terms & condition, then how does it will affect the WhatsApp feature for your account.

2. It is also not cleared that if your information is already shared then what happen with your information when you revoke the permission for sharing.


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