Do you know that web search query have more weightage in SEO than keywords?”

A large number of bloggers especially new one, write content that revolves around a keyword. They don’t know about web search query and in turn, they lose a large number of users. In fact, web search query have more weightage in SEO than keywords. In this blog post, I am going to explain why we should target web search query rather than keywords. Before this, we should know the difference and use of terms web search query” and “keywords”. Finally, I will explain about best tool to research query for content writing.

The difference between The Web Search Query and Keywords.

Both terms almost have the same meaning and content revolves around these terms. There is only one and major difference between these in terms of use.  Web search query used by users while keywords used by marketers. A user doesn’t care about keyword and bloggers don’t know which query used by users.

Target Web Search Query Rather Than Keywords.

All of us know that Google regularly updates their search algorithm to provide best results to its users. And for this, they are trying to understand the user behaviour. It is one of the most important ranking factors in present day scenario. Web search query is a part of user behaviour. When we are writing for users then there is a need to think from user vision and to think, what they are searching for. It will help to drive a huge traffic to blog or website. That is why it is necessary to target web search query rather than keywords.

Best Tools to Find Query.

As I explained why we should target web search query rather than keywords. It doesn’t mean keywords have no use. But there is a need to broaden keywords in the search query to provide better results to our users.  There are a number of tools that every blogger know about to find keywords, but what about tools to find the web search query. The smartest way to research keyword is to find what search queries users are using. These queries can be used as keyword phrase for writing content.Here I am going to explain two most important and free search query tool that help you a lot.

Google Webmaster tool is one that helps you to find search queries that are driving traffic. You can search these queries by navigating to GWT → Search Traffic → Search Queries. These search queries are limited to your site.

“In Google Webmaster tool, you will find only those queries that are bringing users to your website or blog.”

To broaden your query research, you can use an autocomplete feature of Google search, when you starts typing in Google search, its algorithm automatically generates query on the basis of most popular present search trend by the user.

Conclusion – Research query to find the suitable keyword phrase for your content. Never go for searching keyword, it will waste your money and time. Think about users, not for marketers and use queries as a keyword.

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  1. As long as you have more incoming link, any keyword will bring you traffic. 🙂

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