Almost all popular websites provides two factor authentication for login to their websites. It is an additional security measure implemented by those websites to protect their user’s information and accounts. Rather than rely on a password, two factor authentication uses your phone to send you a code for login. This security feature in Twitter is known as Login Verification.

How to Turn on Two Factor Authentication for Twitter?

  • First of all login to your Twitter account and go to the profile and settings.
  • In Left sidebar; you will find Security and Privacy option, click on it.
  • In Security section under login verification heading you will find Send Login Verification request to my phone. Select this option. Before that you need to add a phone number to Twitter account. To add phone number, click on Add a phone link given below Send Login Verification Request to My Phone.
  • Now choose your country and add phone number. Now click on continue option.
  • You will get verification code in your phone to confirm your phone number. Enter that code to continue.
  • Now again go to Security and Privacy option and select send Login Verification Request to My Phone.
  • Before enrolling in Login Verification using SMS, you will receive a text message in your phone for confirmation.

Pros of Two Factor Authentication

  • It is more secure method.
  • Easy to use.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Two Factor Authentication

  • You have to keep your phone always with you.
  • You have to always in an area where there is network connection available, otherwise you will not receive text message for login.

Despite the cons of the Two Factor Authentication, it is recommended to secure your account with two factor authentication. If you want to make your Twitter account more secure with ease and without money then Two Factor Authentication is best option.

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