“In present day scenario, web search query are more important than keywords. Search Engine taking user behaviour as ranking factor and web search query is a part of user behaviour.”

“Web Search query” and “keywords”, both term sounds similar in web search. But if we keep SEO in mind, the meaning of these two terms are a little bit different as well as related with each other. There was a time when the keyword was the most important part of content writing but in present day scenario importance of search query is more. In this blog post, I am going to explain Keywords, query, their difference and why queries are more important than keywords.

What is Keyword?

A keyword is a word which is used by marketers or bloggers to target paid search or organic search. Keywords used by marketers and search professional to make the strategy for their content or product. Web content revolves around these keywords. If I would like to write content and make the strategy to win PPC bid for Nike Shoes then Nike Shoes will be my keyword.

Meaning of Web Search Query

Web Search Query is the exact search term which is used by users. A user doesn’t know and doesn’t care about keywords. He opens a search engine and starts typing a search term to get information. This search term is known as the search query. A marketers or SEO professional don’t know what search term a user will use. For example, I am a user and want to buy Nike Shoes then I may use the following query according to my requirement.

Best Nike Shoes Showrooms

Buy Nike Shoes Online

Nike Shoes Distributor in London

Nike Shoes for Women

Size 10 Nike Shoes.

As you can see all above are search query and these may change according to user requirement.

What is the Difference between Web Search Query and Keyword?

As I mentioned above both terms have almost same meaning except one and which is a major difference.

Web Search Query – These are used by users.

Keywords – These are used by SEO professional and marketers.

Here I would like to mention one thing which is most important in SEO. A user doesn’t know which keyword targeted by companies or marketers and marketers don’t know what exact web search query user will use.

In other words, we can say that a user will get their required information through the search query. It is easy for them. But it is difficult for SEO professional and marketers to bring the user to their site with keywords.

How can we use this Information?

All of us know that search algorithms are changing every day. And most popular search engine like Google and Bing are taking user behaviour as the ranking factor. Search query used by the user also comes under user behaviour. That is why it is necessary to think with a user vision.


There was a time when a keyword was the base of the SEO. The importance of Keyword is still high, but if we convert keywords in the query and use them for content writing then definitely we can drive a huge traffic to our website or blog. There is a need to think what a real user want and write content accordingly.

Important Points from Blog Post

  • Web Search Query is exact search term used by the user.
  • Keywords used by marketers.
  • Search query comes under user behaviour which is a ranking factor.
  • To drive a huge traffic, there is a need to think what a real user want.

14 Thoughts on “Why it is Necessary for Bloggers to understand Web Search Query and Keywords?

  1. I knew about Web Search Query and Keywords but it’s a useful post. You explain it very well. Simple and straightfoward. Unfortunately, it remains difficult to get loads of traffic and to keep some

  2. That’s really smart, I never thought about that before! Great post!

  3. It can be difficult to know the difference but your post really helped me understand the difference between user search words and what SEO specialists look for.

  4. Oh thank God, I read this. I have been trying to figure out how to play with keywords and stuff from a long time. Everything I had read till date was quite complicated but this was so well written and easy to understand.

  5. When we started blogging we werent much aware of search engine and the keywords. But now we have understood that keywords are so much crucial for your page to show up on search which in turn is required for page visits.

  6. Great explanations, very clear and understandable. Alot of bloggers, people in general, are not sure how keywords help their blogs or businesses.

  7. I have not begun to tackle all of this. It’s very intimidating to me (I’ve been blogging for about 10 weeks). But, I am going to have to start taking this seriously soon, so I appreciate the direction.

  8. I’ve been trying to focus more on SEO lately and it’s definitely making an impact. I use the Yoast plugin and it really helps.

  9. You give clear information about the difference of these keyword and search query. It was quite blur to understand the difference without any clear explanation like you shared here.

  10. Keywords are so essentials for bloggers to know. Without those people would never find you! Thanks for the explanations and tips!

  11. Very essential so every post can esily be tracked and reached by wider audiences hence, monthly statitics will get better

  12. Oh thank you for explaining the keywords, I always struggle a little bit with understanding of those terms and how do they work . I will try to focus more on SEO

  13. CourtneyLynne on June 8, 2016 at 7:07 pm said:

    This stuff is so important to know! Key worlds and basic SEO can take your blog to the next level!

  14. Thank you for this information. I am new to blogging and I did not know any of this!!

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