Information Technology progressing to next level each day with the new feature. With the advancement in innovation, it is possible to finish anything in less time. Some time ago we write the search text in the search box to get the answer from Google in the form link. But, now a days as opposed to a link, we need the immediate answer from web crawlers and for this, we utilize voice search rather than text.

     As indicated by an appraisal, voice search is 20% of the total search query and the % expanding each day. Voice search can be utilized from smart gadgets that incorporate the smartphone, smart watches, and other smart wearable devices. There are applications like Google Now, Siri, Cortana that gives voice search support.

     Voice searches are regularly more inexplicably worded and conversational than text searches. So there is a need to upgrade content in the conversational way to get more visitors.

How to Optimized Content for Voice Search?

     As a matter of first importance, there is a need to understand the configuration of voice search. Amid voice search, we utilize the conversational style. So keep that in mind and compose content in,

  • Conversational style to coordinate with the search query.
  • Write content in the form of list and FAQ as Google discover these effortlessly during voice search.
  • It is the best alternative to choose web search query or conversational query as keywords.
  • Focus on building up a solid base of positive reviews.

Why is it Important for SEO?

     The world is changing quick and text searches are turning out to be less basic and figuring out how to squeeze the most from the internet using voice query. To match with the world, there is a need to optimize content for voice search from today onward.

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  1. Hmm… I thought the search result is the same as text input. No?

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